The 2nd GEIVEX Symposium – “Extracellular Vesicles: From the bench to the clinics” was held in Tarragona last 9th-10th October, organized by Dr. Francesc E. Borràs (IVECAT group) and Dr. Hernando A. del Portillo (ICREA Research Professor-CRESIB).


We had the chance to attend to several interesting communications and see engaging poster presentations. We also enjoyed the conferences of the four international speakers invited to the congress: Clotilde Théry (Institure Curie, France), Eva M. Kramer-Albers (University of Mainz, Germany), Yong Song Gho (POSTECH, Pohang, South Korea) and Bernd Giebel (University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany).

We presented interesting results from our ongoing work and, importantly, two of the communications from IVECAT were awarded at TGN2014:

  • Lozano-Ramos, S. I. , Bancu I, Lauzurica R, Borras F. E., “Isolation of urine extracellular vesicles by size-exclusion-chromatography”, Oral communication.
  • Menezes-Neto, Armando, Lozano, Sara-Inés, Borrás, Francesc E, Fernandez-Becerra, Carmen, and del Portillo, Hernando A, “Towards the molecular characterization of plasma-derived exosomes: insights from a comparative proteomic analysis”, Oral communication.
  • Marta Monguió-Tortajada, Ingrid Evans-Osses, Marcel I. Ramírez, Francesc E. Borràs, Capture of membrane-derived microvesicles from Giardia intestinalis induces activation of human monocyte-derived dendritic cells. Awarded best poster presentation.
  • Lorena Martín-Jaular, Marta Monguió, Aleix Elizalde, Carmen Fernandez-Becerra, Francesc E. Borràs, Maria Montoya, Hernando A del Portillo. Spleen-dependent immune protection elicited by reticulocyte-derived exosomes from malaria infection revealed by T cell population changes. Awarded best oral communication.

We are really happy of being there, discussing and learning about the breakthroughs in the field of extracellular vesicles.

We hope to see you all there in the next GEIVEX or ISEV meeting!