Marcel·la Franquesa has recently joined our group as a post-doctoral fellow! She is a great PhD specialized in… well, we’ll let her introduce herself:

I am a biologist specialized in Genetics and Biomedicine. I obtained my PhD in Biomedicine in 2010 under the direction of Josep M Grinyó, Immaculada Herrero-Fresneda and Joan Torras in the Experimental Nephrology Department at Hospital de Bellvitge – IDIBELL.

After defending my thesis entitled “Gene Therapy with HGF in models of kidney injury” I started working as a postdoctoral fellow in the same laboratory in Campus of Bellvitge where I started the line of research of Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC) for cell therapeutic purposes. My interest in MSC Cell Therapy had started during my PhD and I had the opportunity to visit Prof. Bonventre´s laboratory in Brigham´s and Women Hospital-Harvard Medical School in Boston, Massachussets. My 7 months Fellowship was an excellent chance to learn the stem cells isolation and injection procedure in mouse models from Dr Duffield and Dr Humphrey.

Next I obtained an ERA-EDTA-EMBO grant for an 18 months fellowship to continue my research in the field of MSC cell therapy in transplantation at the Transplantation Laboratory of the Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam, Netherlands, under the supervision of Martin Hoogduijn and Carla Baan. During 18 months I developed a project on the interaction of MSC and the immunosuppressive drug Anti-Thymocite Globulin (ATG). In parallel I participated in other projects running in the laboratory focused in the immunomodulation and immunogenicity of MSC. I also became a member of the MSC in Solid Organ Transplantation (MiSOT) group and organized the 4th edition of their meeting in Barcelona. We wrote together a position paper about the new achievements in the field (Franquesa et al. Transplantation. Aug 15;96(3):234-8).

The last 3 years I continued my research as a post-doctoral researcher in Erasmus Medical Center Rotterdam developing and focusing my research in the application of MSC immunomodulation of B cell activation and B-T cell activation. During this period I directed the master´s thesis of Fane Mensah and Bastiaan Rakké.

I now joined the IVECAT group at IGTP funded by a Beatriu de Pinós fellowship (BP-B) were I will continue my research in MSC in the group of Dr Francesc Borràs.

WELLCOME Marcel·la!