Begoña Pérez-Cabezas obtained her PhD degree in 2011. The title of her thesis was “Cooperation between human Dendritic Cell subsets: a role for Notch”, and her studies produced several important papers, some of them highly cited.

After obtaining her degree, Begoña moved to Porto and joined the Immunobiology Research Group at the Institute for Molecular and Cell Biology. 

Recently, her thesis has been honoured with the special mention of EXTRAORDINARY DOCTORATE AWARD 2011/12. The award is reserved for meritorious studies in the field of Advanced Immunology and are chosen from several doctoral theses that were presented during the mentioned period.

Remarkably, this is the third time that the IVECAT group receives this mention, filling us up with satisfaction while confirming the quality of the research carried out by our group. It is also a stimulus for our current PhD students who will get their degree in the near future.