IVECAT members participated in the 1st REDiEX Workshop and Training Course on in vivo imaging of exosomes, held at the Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Oncológicas (CNIO), Madrid.

For three days, the group of Dr Hector Peinado and the Confocal Microscopy Unit at CNIO, led by Diego Megías, taught us the ultimate methods and great tips to image EVs in vivo and in vitro. There were many insightful discussions and we had the chance to meet more of the nice people working on EVs in REDiEX.

It was nice also to eat the typical Bocata de calamares next to Plaza Mayor and go around Madrid with the best guide, Henar!

Looking forward to meeting you all again in September at the Geivex Symposium in San Sebastián!


More information: check out the summary of the workshop here! (source: GEIVEX)